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tv   [untitled]    March 29, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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you like to have some of you come up here. [applause] you are only 8 seeing four of them. one of them did this in velasco and he did high enough so that we hired him as an apprentice. we are hoping that this happens for these people. they are very excited about this program. this has been very successful. we have had people retire from this program. i want to give you a taste of what they go through. this is a two-year training program. we employ them and give them
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enough time. what you are looking at is the opposite see to have them go through this program. you have the opportunity to come in and become a super intended. we promoted our very first superintendent in 2011. it is all possible. we are very excited. i would like them to come up and say a few words about what this means to them. this is a game changer for them, for us, and their families. we would like to know what you have seen so far and what you are excited about. please come up, one at a time.
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>> hello. what i like about the program, it gives you opportunity to understand the whole process in the plans. you get to learn what happens. you flush a toilet and you never see it again. out of sight, out of mind. so, yes, a lot of people were trying to come together for a common goal. i like the opportunity that allowed us to start at the bottom and move to the top. just -- thank you for the opportunity. [applause] >> my name is larry. in this program, we can rotate
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in learned about how to work within the department, in different departments, so that we can see the whole process. i am very excited to be joining this program. i will try my best to learn more. i hope that i can pass the test and promote the position. thank you for the opportunity. thank you very much. [applause] >> my name is stanley. i work for maintenance right now. i am very grateful for this opportunity. it is an honor to be part of the program. it is a very harsh selection process. i look forward to working here, there, and everywhere.
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lab, operations, and maintenance. thank you. [applause] >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. i go by rene. i am one of the participants in the 9910 program. before i get into the speech, of like to thank you all for giving us this opportunity and the recognition you are giving us tonight. my reason for wanting to be in this great program is having the ability to do something for this environment, as well as my community. so, i am very thankful for that. other reasons would be -- you know, outside of having a great career, it is being able to learn. the curriculum, along with some of the things that we learn, is great. i am really appreciative of that. it has just been a very positive
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week. we come in. we work. two days per week, we go to school. everything that we do in the plant or at the job site is explained to us. all of the people at the job sites, the -- if they are journeymen, previous 99-10 people, or apprentice, they always give us a logical explanation of what we are doing and why it is being done. i am just very thankful. i really appreciate the opportunity. i will not let you down. i hope that in five years, 10 years, when in a chief, i can come back to say some good things about -- when i am a chief, i can come back to say some things that are good about the program. >> [applause] >> another round of applause,
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please. let me close by saying that -- as we talk about community benefits and local hiring -- this is true local hiring. you have heard about people in construction projects that are over in one year. these are careers. in wastewater enterprise we have 30 people to date coming through the program locally and hired and they are going to retire and we're very proud of them in this program. thank you very much. [applause] >> we should sell this idea to every city department. i think it is an excellent idea. >> i would love to do that. >> thank you. any questions for tommy from the commissioners? [applause] thank you very much. thank you also for this year's
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class being with us here tonight. madam secretary, would you call item 15? >> and do we need public comment? >> is there any public comment on that? seeing no one, if you could -- >> i was getting ready. >> i just want to say that i expect to see four new superintendent in a few years. >> i am 15 -- item 15. presentation and discussion of a draft san francisco public utilities commission proposed plan at the southeast community facility. >> we have asked joan ellis to make a presentation on the status of the plan. our main objective is to hear from you, but we thought that it would be helpful to least start on the same page as we get into public comments this evening.
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>> if i could kick it off, commissioners? thank you to the southeast facility commissioners for allowing us to be here tonight. when we were here a few years ago, we talked about the facility as being a wonderful asset to the community, but not of vital asset that you wanted to be. you talk about what we could do to make sure that this was a place where the community could come around and enjoy the different parts of what could be possible in this facility. we went out and talked to folks. with one look at the facility, as the commissioner said, we are here to hear from people about what they want for this facility and their community. >> thank you. again, in juliet alice. can you folks hear me? i know when i was in the
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audience i could not hear as well. if you cannot hear me, even in the corner, let me know. we are extremely excited to be back here to talk about the proposed plans for the southeast community. we structure our presentation to give you an update on the progress since the lot -- since we last saw you last year to go over the proposed plan for the building and to provide time for the proposed tenants to be able to introduce themselves and talk to you about by they are excited to be in the building and the type of programming that would provide. as the general manager mentioned, we want to be able to spend the bulk of the time getting feedback on the proposed land. it seems important to provide context for the overall presentation. the plan that we are presenting today is a draft plan.
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it is one option. an option that we think is reflective of the feedback we have heard in the dozens of community meetings we have been having and we think it is a plan that is consistent with the agreements developed as part of the mitigation 40 years ago. also it is consistent with maximizing job opportunities as they relate to coming on line as part of the sewer system improvement program and the ongoing job opportunities in construction. the second really important point in the conversation is that this is a presentation around more demand than there is affordable space. part of a wheel boat -- " we will be looking at today in terms of feedback is that there is more demand in termsand it is a matter of the choices that people want to make with regard
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to how to use the space. jumping into the presentation, we met last june, which was where we discussed joint priorities between the commission's to reinvigorate the southeast community facility. at that time, we presented a list of proposed tenants that could potentially occupy the space in the building based on the mitigation of units. since that meeting, we have snuck out to a variety of different stakeholders. hit off we met with members of the southeast commission in a number of other stakeholders in order to both be in conversation with how we battled the space needs in the building and encourage tenants that can work together and have synergy between each other? how do we respond to the community priority? it is important to thank the people that spent a lot of time
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meeting the staff to come up with this proposed plan today. there are so many people we have been sitting with, literally we have been having standing meetings with the commission since june. we have been meeting with city college since june. we have been sitting with members in the room today for standing meetings of different stakeholders. mrs. jackson opened her house and gave us alot of space and freedom to have a lot of conversations. those are just a couple of people that i would like to acknowledge. a lot of people have invested time for us to think about best use for limited space. we have worked closely with the department of public works in san francisco to think through what is possible in terms of architecture. if you are familiar with the space, it is a funny space in
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that it is not the best utilized space. the architect has been working with us and the proposed tends to get a sense for how you maximize the space and get more usage out of it. what we have heard from the community in the meetings we have had since june, it is about the importance of satisfying the mitigation requirements. for the folks that are newer to the conversation, there was a mitigation agreement in place four decades ago as the facility got expanded. it really talked about the needs for this to be a community asset focus on jobs, child care, and support for elders. the consistent feedback since june and prior to that about the tenants coming into the building should be consistent with mitigation and they should be the vehicle to make that agreement, live.
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so, this slide talks about the proposed tenants. so, it is consistent with the list that be provided the commission's back in june in with mitigation requirements. if you look at the priority around education, city college of san francisco is one of the proposed tense right now. the five keys school is a proposed tenant that is here today to talk about the programming that they do. around training and education you have the success of the amazing programming in this building that has been provided for a decade. young community developers with local job based education programs. with child care and support for kids, you have the san francisco state program that is an existing tenant with a long-term lease an additional proposed
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childhood centers that city college would operate. >> before a move to the next slide, this is probably a good time to talk about the issues that have been in discussion since november, one year ago. with the human services agency. i know that over the last week or so, there have been e-mails, texts, conversations and phone calls and a sublease in the building. they have leased the space from city college. we have been in conversation with the executive team at hsa for over one year, going over the planning process as it relates to this building. we have the architect that we were working with at the department of public works in
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getting a sense of what their space needs were. we have been updating them on a regular basis on what we were hearing from the community, which was a focus on education and training, which makes sense if you think about the priorities. dedicated to the leadership around the conversations at your table with regards to staying in this building, as recently as last week our general manager was able to meet with general manager of hsa about the plan that we were going to present regarding attendance and the floor plan. during that conversation, we again offered to talk to them about what a relocation plan would look like as it is consistent with hsa continuing to provide services within the community, and there has continued to be misinformation abouthsa being in the community,
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or the people that work for them would have to go to the main headquarters to get to work. all the conversations with the director of hsa have been a bet -- been about how we can be helpful in the relocation process. i want to clear the air with that. i know that we have leadership here today to share bread they are with that. >> so, as a little bit of information on a data point regarding all we are doing the space limitations, this slide -- you would think that there is more space than there is, but the space that can be leased, without including the recession area when you walk in, it is about 28,000 square feet.
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this slide is an attempt to be helpful to folks in the community to really understand with regards to choices that had to be made. not everyone can fit in the building. even not have the scale of their requests -- they do not all fit. this slide is some background information about what we are collectively up against with regards to attempting to fit everyone. here are the floor plans. hopefully people are familiar enough with the building. if not, i will try to provide information, so they you can walk with me. quickly, these plans are drafts and there could be some moving around. it is the concept of this being
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potentially what they could look like. the space on the bottom right, the green space on the bottom right would be the additional chapter center that would be available to folks who are using services, getting job training, taking classes at city college. in all the conversations we have had with tenants and stakeholders, many have asked for their own child care rooms. city college has shared the classes they have offered that have high demand. the child development classes are over-subscribed. as we were talking about what we were hearing in terms of the needs of tenants, city college has said that they run child- care centers in other locations in they could tie into the child development class is on site at the center, or if you are going
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to receive job training and you have children, you may be able to use the child care center, which is the idea with the basement floor. if you go to the first floor, the things to pay attention to with this one are at the bottom of the page, in purple, that is the head start program. we have talked about the fact that they are an existing tenant with a long-term lease and they provide child-care that is limited based on income. child care that is supposed to be targeted to extremely low income families. the paint room -- i guess it is the purple one on this -- the main take away their is the proposal includes having a partition that can be moved within the building, so that
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people are able to use smaller spaces as opposed to this big room. and then that pink-purple on the top would be city college classrooms, all on the first floor. if you go to the second and third floors, the second floor, when you walk in it is a reception area. one of the interesting things about the building is the multiple entrances. priorities moving forward would be the recession area. that is the area where you would have a reception and visitors welcome center, where people could be addressed if they do not know where they are going. we could hire local residents as that. community security suggested conversations with the community investors program at the front of the building, to welcome people and show them where they
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need to go. to the right, the five keys school, in the lower hand right, that is on the other side of the building, on the floor. that is with the southeast community building staff is. that is currently what you need to do, walk through a separate door to get there. what is being proposed is a connector and the charter school would be right there. on the other side of the building you can see the founders roof, a shared conference room available for community meetings in four other tenants to use. based on feedback we have gotten, it would be a founder's room, an opportunity to of
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knowledge the individuals and community members here today. to the left of the founders room is where you would have the facility commission staff. to the left he would have a small space for staff to deal with issues that come up in the building. going back up to the reception area and turning left, on the far left side of the cage -- the page, you can see city college with a one step. they have actually begun to actively build on that. they are able to provide wraparound services. he would be able to get counseling, financial aid support, all in the same office. the feedback that we got from students and the participants previously said that it was a challenge because you had to go to different campuses just to get those services.
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let's see, let's go back to the reception. two -- 3 greenrooms in the middle of the page, those other shared classrooms. that is an important concept. throughout the building, and you can see that it is a priority about identifying shared space. there is a real desire to have a lot of foot traffic and vibrancy in the building. we have worked on making sure that there is enough shared space so that if a tenant is using the classroom from 10:00 until 12:00, you would not have it sitting dormant. again, this is just a draft proposal to give you an idea, parents success is seen behind there. at the very top of the page in dark green is a computer lab. that would really speak to the
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fact that we have heard from kids, young adults, etc., who won access to getting media training in doing multimedia. the idea is that the shared computer lab would be open to the public and of the tenants. the fourth floor is all dedicated to city college. the purple's are all classrooms. the fifth floor, which includes the city college library -- we are trying to make sure that that could be available to tenants or people in the public. with this draft plan it shows young community developers on the fifth floor. again, we are talking with a renaissance parents of success about where they are on the
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third floor, but those are probably more detail than you need. the last kind of area of update, as we move forward, some of the things where we are talking to tenants in leadership, there would be no more sub-leasing moving forward. right now there are several entities that sub-lease within the building. we have spoken a lot with members of the faculty commission about the need to make sure that there is accountability with the tenants that come into the building with the southeast commission. we have been working with our real-estate team to talk about structuring leases that are tied to programming outcomes and are there triggers? so that if they say their bill be training around certain things, what are the mechanisms for accountability so that they
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have to come back each year to say that this is what we are doing to meet our lease requirements? we have been working very closely with the waste water team. their resources will have been happening on going. and they are continuing to do that. talking about the long-term improvements for the space, there is a lock step commitment to making this place shine. since january, s.f. puc has taken over custodial and security for the building. as the building owners, the critique that we were getting from them is that the building was not clean and security was not happening at that level low expectations. those things have been taken on and i think we have gotten good feedback over the last several months on people being able to see marked improvements.
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the last thing we were working on was, in conversation with some of the local foundations to see basically what happens with this plan, if it ends up being the type of tenants we are talking about, could one of the foundation's facilitate an ongoing table that tenants could sit at to talk about building energy amongst each other, more impact that they could have together, because they have a lot of relationship together, but the vision that is being built is that all is greater than the parts. with the help facilitate that type of ongoing set up for success? so, that is the presentation. i did it under the buzzer, which is great. i think that will turn it back over to the commissioner.
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>> thank you very much. commissioners, any questions? we do have a lot of people that want to talk. we can get to everyone if we stick to three minutes. we do have a list of people who are representing the tenants in the building. i think that we should go through those first and then we will open it up to anyone who wants to speak. >> hello. >> the first might be chancellor griffin, from community college. >> we are using -- the attendance of the building get the first choice to speak. no call on the community. >> yes. >>


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